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Retro Phone Booth Charging Station

Retro Phone Booth Charging Station

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This item has since sold, but this can be custom ordered. Lead time 3-4 months for customization.

This one is pretty obvious. It's an old style phone booth [officially it's called a phone encloser] turned into a curio display case [possibly for your collectable action figures] with an added outlet to charge your phone. Adjustable shelves and it lights up. Duh

This came about because while driving around with a friend and her son he noticed one of these still left on a building. And he remarked how cool he thought it was. Being a teenager he never grew up with these around. I thought, "What that old thing?" And the wheels started to turn. What would I do with a phone encloser? And here we go.

Size is: approx 14" wide, 24" tall, and 9" deep

Comes with an extension cord to plug into an existing outlet for power and it can be mounted hanging on a wall. These could come in any color really. Traditionally they came in this blue and red. Ask me if you're thinking about another color.

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