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OOAK '54 Chevy Deluxe Lounge Chair

OOAK '54 Chevy Deluxe Lounge Chair

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This is a version of my Roadster chair. Inspired by my brother in law who said, "Do you think you'd ever do a chair with old car parts and not new?" And so here we are. These are old original parts mixed in with distressed new from a '54 Chevy Deluxe. It's meant to look like it's been in a field all these years. It's a flat black faded from time and an off white. The car parts are not shiny new there is a touch of rust and wear. But the style endures. And of course the taillights work with cool led bulbs and a foot switch to turn on and off.

Size is: Seat 22" wide with arms 331/2", back is 341/2"

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