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One of my brain cells

One of my brain cells

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  This is a pandemic era piece. As we went through unprecedented challenges it made everyone think differently. When I look at this piece now it looks like something I would do. But at the time it was a different type of project I normally do. The simplest explanation is that this represents how I think.

  So we were all going through our stresses and I was no different. I started to do some counseling like many people did. I tried a couple of antidepressants and boy did I have some wacked out thoughts. I found it amazing what your brain will think of as truth with just a little tweaking. Just to let you know, my doctor and I found an antidepressant that worked and the counseling was invaluable. At this time I am done with the meds and counseling. But I am not ruling out more counseling at another time.

What I came up with is that we all have a standard issue brain. It's just we all aren't wired exactly the same. We all have the connections, but some of those connections aren't hooked up. And I have the mixed media here. It's plastic[false] computer mother boards over the old destressed wood which is organic[true]. Woven throughout are vines and wires making the connections, making the synapses fire. With the plastic and organic it makes me think of the different types of thoughts we have. What are the ones we all have as human beings[organic]? What are the ones driven by perception[plastic]? you can get into the whole nature vs nurture discussion as well.

The video is from one of our Cedars Open Studios show.

Measures 43" wide, 48" tall, 4 1/2" thick

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