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Early 90's arcade video game banner light

Early 90's arcade video game banner light

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I'm just going ahead and admit it. I'm a dumpster diver. I find it amazing what people throw away. Much of my work includes found objects. Plus, I'm a fan of free materials. I love it when you find something interesting, and keep it until inspiration strikes.

It's bulk trash pick up in the neighborhood and someone threw away this full size arcade game. I'm thinking there has to be something good to salvage off this thing. It was pretty picked over by the time I got to it. The only thing worth salvaging was this banner light at the top of the cabinet. So I got that and built a new walnut frame for it. I don't know this game but the graphics are really cool and it lights up very brightly. Could double as a shelf for small nick knacks like figurines.

Dimensions: 28 inches wide, 7 1/4 inch tall, and 2 3/4 inches deep

It's on a cord with a switch, but could be wired directly 

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