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70's Fabric Chair

70's Fabric Chair

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This is a cute little occasional chair I built from the ground up frame and all. The person who has this chair now has it in a bright airy living room corner and it works so well there. The special thing about this chair is the fabric which is original 1970's. Pictures don't do it justice. When bright natural light hits it the fabric takes on an iridescent glow of electric blue and lime green.

I bought this fabric from one of the discount fabric warehouses that cluster together off of Harry Hines blvd here in Dallas. Back then[this was late 90's] I discovered a back room where behind the door was nothing but remnant rolls of original 70's fabrics. I mean a whole room of them, in every shade! I made a promise to myself to buy a roll every time I came here. And I bought this roll that you see, about 5 yrds. The next time I went there the room was empty. I was told that someone bought the entire room. Arrgg, haha. I'm very happy the chair found a lovely home.

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